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Kevin Aylward B.Sc.

Technical Director/Principal Level Team Lead

Analogue I.C. Design Engineer


I am a professional Analogue I.C. Design Engineer, with around 30 years expertise and experience. I am currently employed by a company in Harlow, Essex as a Principal Engineer/Analogue ASIC Design Team Lead. I am a UK born citizen and U.S. Naturalized citizen. I have been involved in electronics since the age of 11 years old. 

I obtained a B.Sc. Degree in Communications and Electronic Engineering from Napier University, Edinburgh, Scotland. I have also undertook 6 post graduate M.S. Physics courses, including obtaining 'A' grades in both Einstein's General Theory of Relativity and Quantum Statistical Mechanics.

I have had a wide variety of positions as an analogue design engineer, for example,  Analogue IC Design Team Lead at Texas Instruments, Dallas, Analog Design Engineer at the Superconducting SuperCollider, Dallas,  Chief Design Engineer at Studiomaster, Luton, Staff Analog Design Engineer at Philips Ultrasound, Santa Ana.

USA Patent, sole inventor, US10778232 Voltage Controlled Oscillator Varactor Linearization method.

USA Patent, sole inventor, US10790831 Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator Post compensation method. 

Mission statement:

My mission is to convince all of you CEOs/HR managers to offer me double what I am making now, in return for 10 times the productivity of your existing employees.

Professional Attributes

Technical Director/Principal Level Analog IC Design Engineer

30 Years analogue and mixed mode design experience.

UK citizen, Naturalized USA citizen

Expert in the detailed transistor level and SoC architectural design of analog/mixed mode integrated circuits.

Expert in the detailed design of operational amplifiers, sample holds, band gaps, phase locked loops, charge pumps, filters, adc/dac lna,and variable gain amplifiers, utilizing such techniques as low voltage current mirrors, cascodes, differential pairs, common mode feedback, and ptat generators.

Expert in the application of bipolar and cmos design equations in aspects such as noise, phase noise, bandwidth, distortion, feedthrough and matching accuracy.

Expert at designing and developing optimum transistor level topologies.

Expert in ensuring designs will function correctly at all process corners.

Consistent inventor of new topologies with state of the art performance.

Extreamly productive: Design of 100 blocks of 50 transistors per blocks per year.

I have a chessboard view understanding of analogue designs, knowing in detail exactly why, and how to chose topologies and transistor sizes, weighing up all relevant considerations such as the inter relation of accuracy, bandwidth, power and chip size with such transistor sizes. This allows for true optimum 1st time full functional pass, and the elimination of common suck it and see, multiple attempt approach often used but not admitted to.

Creator of SuperSpice spice simulation software from AnaSoft Ltd. at http://www.anasoft.co.uk.

Author of numerous analog design tutorials, http://www.kevinaylward.co.uk/ee/index.html

Electronic design/construction/repair hobbyist from age of 11 years old.

Typical job positing for Analog Engineers, converted to a more understandable format:

Job Title: Pizza Chef
Job Level: 10+ years experience
Education: PhD
Job description: Baking state of the art pizzas 
Job requirements: Expertise in cooking with high performance toppings such as chicken, pepperoni, and bacon. Must have 5 years experience baking tuna with pineapple in deep crust. Thick crust tuna, without pineapple, or tuna with pineapple and thin crust is not sufficient. Experience with sliced olives is desirable, but not necessary. 

Employer rejection: "Lack of experience"

Actual meaning:

"We have no idea whatsoever how to do the product we are currently developing, and so are looking for someone that can bring across all the schematics from their present company, that is doing an almost identical product. We can then do some minimal window dressing and release that product as our own. We don't actually require you to have any of these design skills personally and it is unlikely that you do, only a decent memory so that you don't have to physically copy the designs that others have made. This is avoid any possible legal repercussions such as liability for trade theft."


I am open to consideration of alternative opportunities, although it  may well be worth having a deko at:


Dilbert - We only hire the best, but pay the average or "competitive" salary...

Many companies could learn a tad from Netflix - http://www.slideshare.net/reed2001/culture-1798664

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