Quantum Mechanics 

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This is my take on what little I know of Quantum Mechanics. I actually did a course or so of Masters level Quantum Mechanics in an effort to gain a better understanding. What I finally gained from all of this, is that despite  many gaining PhDs in Physics, many sadly, completely missed the boat on what Quantum Mechanics means, what it claims and what it doesn't.

In a truly empty universe, there can be no laws of physics because such laws are only relations between physical objects that actually exist, therefore there can not be any logical arguments or principals of physics to prevent anything physically happening at all. 


Ensemble Interpretation - My favorite QM "interpretation". Its an interpretation, that actually isn't.

Quantum Mechanics - "Two places at once" is gibberish in standard Quantum Mechanics - MathML 
Quantum Mechanics -  "Two places at once" is gibberish in standard Quantum Mechanics - html/gif 

Something From Nothing - How the universe and its laws are created from nothing 

Universal Existence - How this particular universe results in our existence.

Anthropic Physics - Expansion on the ideas of Something from Nothing and Universal Existence

Proof Of God Disproved - My take on KALAM Cosmological Argument. This is here because a God, if she existed, would have consequences to physics.

Ballentine Cat States - Ballentine's mathematical argument as to the correct interpretation of the state vector


Ensemble Interpretation.pdf

Quantum Mechanics.pdf

Something From Nothing.pdf

Universal Existence.pdf 

Anthropic Physics.pdf

Proof Of God Disproved.pdf

ModelsOfPhysics-Mermin.pdf - Reality Check for  Ph.D numptys that don't understand the difference between a model and reality. Hint: "Space-Time" isn't real. Dah...


General Relativity - My attempt at the basics

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