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HM:     01438 355552
MB:      07500 382045


Carl Aylward Keyboardist

I am an experienced keyboard player, having played since the age of 11. I am actively seeking gigging projects.

My general style is that of a keyboardist/synthesist, and although I am not a piano player, I play most piano parts competently.  My main strengths is in having a  very strong lead solo playing style. Additionally, I generally use contrasting sounds for each hand part, e.g. orchestral/organ, piano/strings etc, in order to fill out the overall sound, rather than clash with the bass player's/guitar player's parts. Additionally, I have often worked as a joint split hands keyboardist and bass player, in bands not requiring the expense and stage room of a separate bass player.

I am a dedicated professional in attitude and ability, however, I only play for pleasure, and subsequently do not partake in any rumination for any engagements, excepting direct fuel transportation costs to gigs.

Transit Van

I have a high quality transit van with Air Conditioning



Ford Transit T280 Van - Air Conditioned.


Korg Kronos Workstation 

Roland Juno Stage

Roland GW8

Roland Juno DI

AKAI Miniak Synth

Behringer Master Keyboard Controller 

Keyboard Amplification

2 X Roland KC550 180W Keyboard Amplifier/Speaker Combo

Roland KC350 120W Keyboard Amplifier/Speaker Combo

Guitar Amplification

Marshall AVT150 150W Amplifier/Speaker Combo

PA - Amplifiers/Mixers

Studiomaster Powerhouse PH1000X-14, 500W+500W 14ch Powered Mixer

Behringer PMH1250S, 500W+500W 10ch Powered Mixer

Behringer PMH880S, 400W+400W 10ch Powered Mixer

Mackie 406 12 10ch 250W+250W Powered Mixer

Studiomaster AX2500 750W+750W Power Amplifier

Samson SDX5000 750W+750W power amplifier

Carlsbro Powerline Pro 600W+600W Power Amplifier

Mackie 1400i 600W+600W Power Amplifier

Studiomaster MOSFET1000 500W+500W Power Amplifier

Behringer Euro-Desk l2442FX 24ch Mixer

Mackie CFX12 12ch Mixer

PA - Speakers

JBL, T225, Pair,  2 X 15" with Horns, 500W+500W

Peavey, Pair HiSys 4, Pair,  2 X 15" with Horns, 750W+750W

Peavey UL15, Pair,  1 X 15" with Horns, 500W+500W

Studiomaster VX12, Pair,  1  X  12" with Horns, 250W+250W

Studiomaster PAX12, 12" 100W Powered Monitor


TASCAM 2488 24 Track Digital Recorder/Mixer

Zoom R16 Digital Recorder

Zoom RT 223 Drum Machine 

Behringer Feedback Eliminator

20 Mics & Stands

Fender Squire Precision Bass

John Connelly Les Paul

Preferred Projects

Classic Rock

I am  actively seeking a Classic Rock Band.  


Deep Purple, Bad Company, Free, Cream, Thin Lizzy, Wishbone Ash, Pete Frampton, Santana, Guns and Roses, Bon Jovi etc.

Standard Rock/Pop Covers Band

I am also interested in either a standard Rock/Pop covers only. Except in exceptional circumstances, originals will/may be considered band, or duo/trio. 

Vocalist Required - Chris De Burgh Tribute

I am actively seeking a Chris De Burg singer to form either a Duo or a full band. I  know 100's of Chris De Burgh songs. Period.

Vocalists should register their interest here for a Chris De Burgh project.

Female Vocalist - Rock/Pop Duo

I am very much interested in forming a duo with a female singer. The style is open, but might be on the lines of artists such as:

Blondie, Madonna, Cher, Fleetwood Mac, Pretenders, ABBA, Heart, Pat Benatar etc... 

Vocalist Required - Glam Rock Band or Glam Rock Duo

I am very much interested in joining an existing Glam Rock band, or joining an almost complete Glam band. Alternatively, forming a Duo/Trio with a good vocalist is actively being considered.

Glam Rock are those songs from the 70's by bands such as  The Sweet, T. Rex, Gary Glitter, Suzi Quatro, Slade, Mud, David Bowie, Alvin Stardust, Roxy Music.

Alternatively, specific Glam Tributes such as Slade or The Sweet are an option.

Midi Sequencing

The following 35 sequenced parts are already fully available for immediate Glam Rock Duo gigging:

All The Young Dudes, Ballroom Blitz, Block Buster, Can The Can, Children Of the Revolution, Co Cacho, Crazy, Crocodile Rock, Cum On Feel The Noise, Devil Gate Drive, Do You Want to Touch, Dynamite, End Of The World, Everyday, Far Far Away, Good To Be Back, Get It On Bang A Gong, Gudbuy T' Jane, Hell Raiser, Hot Love, Jean Genie, Jeepster, Juke Box Jive, Leader Of The Gang, Lonely This X-mas,  Maggie May, Make Me Smile, Man Who Sold The World, Schools Out, Shang A Lang, Starman, Suger Baby, Squeeze Me Pleeze Me, Telegram Sam, Tiger Feet, Wig Wam Bam, Ziggy Stardust.

Other Tributes Acts

I am also actively considering other tribute bands and duos/trios such as:

Chris De Burgh

Mid 70's Disco

Jam Demos








YouTube Videos

Rosie Rox 1 - 11th Dec 2010 - hFoyX1GO8pA

Rosie Rox 2 - 11th Dec 2010 - IxII_zGF58w

Rosie Rox 3 - 11th Dec 2010 - 5ZLUQ1QlhVQ

Rosie Rox 4 - 11th Dec 2010 - De0OhX5rV5g

Rosie Rox 5 - 11th Dec 2010 - BFaSAQAFuOk


Carl Aylward can be contacted at

HM:     01438 355552
MB:      07500 382045


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