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Kevin Aylward's Profession

Kevin Aylward B.Sc., is an analogue design engineer, and has been so since graduating with a Bachelors Degree in Communications and Electronic Engineering from Napier University, Edinburgh in 19... well some time ago anyway. This was actually at a time when it was a real privilege to get to go university for a degree. Nowadays, they let anyone go... Kevin has also undertaken significant M.Sc. Physics post graduate study. Software has also formed a significant component of his professional background. 

Kevin has been employed as an Electronics Engineer in many companies. For example, Texas Instruments, Studiomaster, Philips Medical Systems, and The Superconducting SuperCollider etc.

Kevin is currently employed as Principle Analogue I.C. Design Engineer at a company in Harlow, Essex. Unlike his guitar playing, at his profession, he is arguably the best in the country. 


Kevin's Musical Background

Kevin has been playing guitar on and off since the age of eleven, which was around 40 years ago. Oh dear... that allows one to work out Kevin's age...51.

Kevin is a competent midi sequencer programmer and records many of his original compositions. Some examples of Kevin's work are here. Although Kevin is reasonably knowledgeable on music theory, the practicalities of, playing piano with two hands was a significant motivation to restrict this knowledge to the virtual world.

Kevin's favorite Band/Artist is without exception, Steely Dan. Steely Dan, essentially consisting of Donald Fagan and Walter Becker along with 100+ other session players. Other music tastes include fusion and progressive rock such as Stanley Clarke, Pat Matheny, Al Di Meola, Santana, Pink Floyd, Genesis, Camel. On the lighter side, Blondie, Slade, Sweet, Fleetwood Mac, Pat Benatar, Rod Stewart,  Niles Lofgren, Bob Marley, ABBA, Spandau Ballet, David Bowie, Roxy Music, are all much appreciated.

Admired Personages

Carl Sagan
Albert Einstein
Richard Feynman
Stanley Jordan
Donald Fagan
Richard Dawkins

Kevin's Philosophy

Kevin is a firm Atheist. Gods do not exist. End of story.

Kevin's Favorite Quotes

"That which is mostly observed, is that which is replicated the most" - Kevin Aylward

"Quotes with no meaning, are meaningless"  - Kevin Aylward

"If the explanation for a claim is vague and nebulous, the claim itself is usually vague and nebulous" - Kevin Aylward

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic" - Arthur C. Clarke

"Any sufficiently advanced philosophical discussion is indistinguishable from bullshit" - unknown

"I contend that we are both atheists. I just believe in one fewer god than you do. When you understand why you dismiss all the other possible gods, you will understand why I dismiss yours" - Stephen Roberts