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Welcome to 

Kevin Aylward

Lead Guitarist


Past projects have been a Blondie tribute project, and a 5 piece covers band, Curious Charm, but alas, those are no more. I am based in Stevenage.

My fundamental music goal is to actually gig, as such I am highly focused and specific as to the type of music I  engage in. I have actively and specifically researched what gives the highest probability of obtaining gigs, and no surprise at all to those actually gigging in the mainstream markets, http://www.livebandphotos.co.uk/ its rock and 12 bar-rock-blues. However, this convenient fact appears to be ignored by the extensive numbers of "I am going truly make it" brigade, attempting to play something that "makes us different". Unfortunately, the reason bands play what they do is... err...for a reason...In fact, its actually Darwinian Evolution at work. What we generally observe the most, is what has been selected over time and generations, to be the most successful.


I have a full PA with lights, and Zafira MPV large car and currently reside in Stevenage. I have full midi sequencing hardware for duo/trio engagements, and I am a reasonable competent midi file backing track programmer. 

I also have a Tascam 2488MK11 24 track digital recorder. Very useful for making band demo CDs to pass on to venues.



I don't do auditions, well, not unless your name is Simon Cowell or Louie Walsh, and I would never expect someone to do an audition for me. So if you are one of those very common or garden pretentious dudes with such delusions of grandeur, are you not embarrassed? I see this all the time, "hey we are auditioning for players"...Like dudes, there are 1000's of bands, what makes yours so wonderful, seriously? Are you paying a wage to actually justify this approach?  Its quite likely that the person is only coming to check out the band only to see if its worth joining. Secondly, an "audition" puts someone in the implied position of begging for job, this is not a good way to start a friendship.

Joining a band should be a matter of equal respect to all parties. Both parties are going to decide whether or not going forward after a 1st meeting  is worthwhile.

Indeed, this is a general life philosophy of mine. When I go to job interviews I don't go cap in hand, "give us a job mate, I can do that". I don't even wear a tie.


Guitar Deputy

I am available to dep for another band's unavailable guitarist. Obviously, for those few Blondie bands out there...I know the material...

I know one or two other songs as well, so feel free to contact me as to the specifics. 


Stuff I don't do

1 Punk, Heavy Metal and any similar thrash non music nonsense.

2 Rap, House, Indie, Bass and Drums, Soul, R&B, etc.

3 MOR, Elvis, 50's, 60's