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Rosie Rox Demos



Because The Night


Kevin's Lead Guitar Demos

Sweet Child Of Mine - Lead guitar solo

Brick In The Wall - Lead guitar solo


Kevin's Originals

New Beginning - Original instrumental by Kevin Aylward. Drums, Strings, Bass and Keyboards all programmed by KA. This has been recorded and mixed on a TASCAM 2488 digital Multitrack recorder, but is a work in progress. More bits and bobs to do.

Kevie's Blues - Guitar Jam Minor Blues. Everyone should have at least one blues, but this is a tad different I think.

Yet Another Love Song - Original song by Kevin Aylward. All parts have been sequenced, or played by yours truly. I do apologise for the vocals. Throat warbling is not really a strong point of mine, i.e. I am not a singer! This has been recorded and mixed on a TASCAM 2488 digital Multitrack recorder, however, the mixdown is still an ongoing process.

Dark Mountain - Guitar Jam. Band In Box drums with a bit added etc. Old analogue tascam etc. 

Curious Charms

I was in a band, Curious Charms. Some demos currently being worked on.

Hover the mouse over the link, right click and save to your PC


General Midi Files

These files are ones that have been modified and or corrected, or have been sequenced from scratch.

Cum On Feel The Noize - Slade version. The standard version on the web is the Quite Riot one.

Gudbuy T' Jane - Slade. Sequenced by yours truly.

Deacon Blues - Steely Dan web version, but some dire parts of it were corrected, e.g. wrong drum sounds.

Dancing In The Moonlight - Thin Lizzy. The original web version had timing errors all over the place.